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by the President and the Congress to look into a number of areas relating to the inhumane treatment of animals. Let me tell you what those areas are: For example, there are experiments on primates which appear to cause pain and appear to have no benefit for scientific purpose -- the primates being, of course, gorillas and apes and chimpanzees. There are those who oppose the use of nets to catch tuna, which also unintentionally catch porpoises, who are not fish, who are mammals who die and who are not used for food. And then there is the annual clubbing of baby seals in Canada, which they call harvesting, which is another way of describing killing. And there's the use of the leg hold steel traps to catch animals with marketable furs, which cause enormous pain, don't kill the animal and many times the animal bites off its own paw to escape. There's the massive killing of whales, the inadequate care provided animals in zoos, poor conditions in the interstate shipment of pets -- a whole host of matters that are the subject of concern and legitimate inquiry and on which I get an enormous amount of mail year after year.

So I decided with Ned Patterson to establish a commission which would advise the Congress on what legislation would be in order to deal with these subjects.

Of course animals don't know about state lines, you know. A wolf, when it goes from Nebraska to South Dakota, doesn't know that it went over the state line. So clearly, in all of these

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