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areas the wolves are being killed unmercifully. They're going to be a species we're not going to have around in a short time. They don't know about nationalities and countries. All of these things have to be done on a federal level.

Well, what the commission will do, and it has a two-year period within which to do it, is to hold hearings. On that commission will be representatives from the fields of zoology, wild life biology, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and animal welfare in general. They will take testimony, because not every complaint about the treatment of animals is a legitimate complaint. I, for example, believe that there is a need to engage in basic research, and that involves vivisection. But I don't believe that should be done simply without any purpose in mind at all, just blindly, inhumanely. And therefore what we have to have is guidelines, and those guidlines should have the force of law.

Everybody is very upset about the fact that there area areas of this country where dogs are bred to fight dogs -- dog fights. We ought to have national legislation to deal with that. This commission would hold hearings, bring in its proposals to the Congress, and hopefully you would have legislation come out of that.


Very good reaction. But let me tell you about the reaction of a constituent. I was handing out literature urging people to

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