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No? That's a very good story. I'll you now.

When I was elected to Congress in 1969 -- that is to say, I took office -- in November of that year, 11 months after I'd been there, I read in the New York Times an article by Tad Schulz that David Rockefeller, Robert Anderson and John McCloy had been to see the President, Nixon, and had urged and then they were quoted as having urged “that he change the policy of the United States to make it more favorable to the Arabs.”

Well, I was incensed at that, and so I did a letter to David Rockefeller and said, “I've read the story in the New York Times.” It was either in November or December. “I know that sometimes reporters are not accurate.” I'm writing to him to find out whether or not that conversation took place, and if it did, he would hear further from me on this subject. And then I went out on the floor of the House of Representatives and I read the letter. And then I reprinted the letter. I had already started my procedure of handing out stuff at the subways, which I do every day dam in the city -- I did it today at 58th Street; I've been doing this now for seven years. I reprinted the letter and at the bottom I said, “Why not I said, ‘Why not tell David Rockefeller at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza what you think of his statement if he made it?”'

On Friday of that week I handed out perhaps a thousand of them at the subway. My recollection is that I handed them out at 68th Street, the very subway at which I handed out stuff today.

Other Jewish organizations, when they heard about this white House meeting in

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