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I like Rockefeller. I enjoy him.

The most recent conversation I had with him and his wife Happy was when they had their parties for the members of Congress to see their new home, the Vice-President's home. It had just been opened, and they had erected a huge tent and invited members of Congress alphabetically to come, and I went there. It was a rainy night. This is within the last several months. I got there maybe about 9:30. It had been called for about 7:30 -- I got there a little late -- and I went there with John Krebbs, who is a Congressman, a freshman, from California. And as we walked into the tent, there was Mrs. Rockefeller greeting people, and she came over -- she knows me -- and she said, “Hello, Ed, how are you?” I always called her Mrs. Rockefeller; she's a very nice person. I said, “Oh, fine, how are you?” And she said, “Have you seen the house yet?” And I said, “No, I haven't seen the house yet, but I'll get some food first, and then I'll go and see the house. I'm hungry.” So she said, “Be sure you take a look at the bed.” This is their famous bed.


I was going to ask you that.


She said, “And let me know what you think.” Then she said, “There are some people who say that that bed is meant for playing and not for sleeping.” So I said, “I'll let you know.”

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