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When you were mentioning the Jewish organizations, you did specify two -- the ZOA and the American Jewish Congress. Were there other Jewish organizations?


Yes, the American Jewish Committee. Those were the major ones. Let me tell you another Jewish story.

The Jewish groups in the state of New York -- and I think across the country -- take Congressmen who are Jewish for granted. They make no attempts to honor them, to try to place them in the forefront. If you're not Jewish, boy, do they honor you. They love it when a non-Jewish Congresman does things that Jewish Congressmen do, they are given accolades. Jewish Congressmen, not so. I'll give you an illustration. I changed it. I got them climbing the wall, because I do a lot of correspondence, and I have really great correspondence on issues that I get emotionally involved in, always, I hope, with a certain amount of humor.

Now what I have reference to: when I became a Congressman in 1969, I went to the Salute to Israel parade, which is held every year like the St. Patrick's Day parade. I go to all the parades, but that year was my first year as a Congressman. I was not invited, but they don't send out invitations. But I go anyway, and I get to Fifth Avenue around 59th Street, and I see a guy who's wearing a banner that says “marshal.” I walk over

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