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to him and I say, “I'm Congressman Koch.” He said, “I know who you are. How are you?” I said, “I'd like to be in the parade. Where are the dignitaries and officials going to march from?” He said, “We don't have that. Everybody has to find their own group. They march by Hadassah and the Flatbush Jewish Center and that sort of thing.” I said, “But I don't have a group to march with. Can't I march with some group -- couldn't you tell me?” “No, Congressman, you have to find your own group.”

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So I say to myself, “This guy is a number one dope. How many Congressmen or gevish or non-Jewish Congressmen, how many Congressmen does he meet at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street that day who want to march in the parade? I'm the only one there. But I'm not going to fight with him.”

So I walk down -- my recollection is -- probably to 58th Street, and I see another car that says “marshals” on it. So I walk over and I say, “I'm Congressman Koch,” and the two guys in there say, “Oh, of course, we know you. How are you, Congressman?” I said, “You know, I'd like to be in the parade,” and their faces light up, “and I don't know where to go. Where can I march? Where can I get into the parade?” So they said, “We'll take care of that,” and they take out their radio receiver and the conversation goes something like this: “This is Rover 2, come in Rover 1, Rover 1.” At the other end: “Rover 1 speaking.”

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