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I think it's 99 7th Avenue South, just south of 4th Street.


And the Ninth Circle is on West 10th Street between Greenwich Avenue, just off 6th Avenue and Greenwich Avenue.

Incidentally, when did the coffee house movement start? Do I recall correctly that that was really prior to the hippie time but really the time of the so-called Beat Generation and Allen Ginsberg was sort of the spearhead of the movement?


Let me tell you a little bit about Allen Ginsberg. I happen to like Allen Ginsberg. He's a very strange guy, and I've had a couple of experiences with him that immediately come to mind. The first one where I met him was when I formed or at least I had this first public meeting for establishing a committee to handle MacDougal Street. I describe in yesterday's discussion this public meeting at the school of education at NYU with 250 people. One of the people who got up - I didn't know who he was -- was Allen Ginsberg, without beard. He got up and he made a remarkable speech. I can't even remember what the total thrust of it was, but part of it was that “we have to deal with these people who come to MacDougal Street in a reasonable way. If they're pissing in the doorways, then maybe we have to build a piss-soir where they can go into [that's his line] because after all, it's a natural need.” He's a very reasonable,

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