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until their family situation at home is better: the family and what parents bring to that in the home. This may be at varience with my saying that the parents are interested in the school system, but I think that they are. Every parent isn't interested in the school system in the middle class white schools either, but a sufficient number are. But in the home life, if there is a lack of feeling about education, that kid is not going to be well educated. And that can't be substituted for by sending him to a white school. By the way, that's basically Coleman's observations now, as I understand it: that there is no significance increase in education helpful to the blacks as a result of racial balance.

What does happen is that you drive the white kids out of the school system. But in the city of New York, as I indicated to you, elementary and high school education is now basically black -- I should say the majority. In the borough of Manhattan I think it's 70%. That's an old figure; it may be worse today.

IN my own district, and here again because we have this limousine liberal philosophy (as I told you, the phrase came out of Proccacino), we have just about 50% of all the children in my district going to private and parochial schools. Those are basically white children obviously. Also, you have the funny situation that the parochial schools are more integrated in the borough of Manhattan than the public schools because the Catholic

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