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taking care of this.

Anna Rosenberg was visiting me in the country at my farm in Amenia after the fateful defeat of the Democrats in '52, when one Saturday, at the end of November, we decided we would phone the President and ask him what was doing about the research construction funds. She talked to him about other matters and then brought the subject up again. He said he would take the matter up, but nothing happened, and time wore on.

Anna had just returned from her trip around the world inspecting Air Force bases as Assistant Secretary of Defense; however, there was still time for the President to get something in the budget, if he was determined. After this phone call to the President late in November, Anna called on him again and asked him what he had done with the budget on construction funds. Truman said that Florence and I were the worst lobbyists he had ever known!


You didn't give up.


Never gave up.

This time he turned the matter over to David Stowe. David was tired and harrassed and felt that the request for 40 million was unrealistic for construction, considering the incoming Republican Administration. In fact, the day he started talking with the Budget about it, he thought we should be lucky

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