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and pleased if we got five million dollars. He phoned to tell me this. I was bitterly discouraged but said nothing, as five million was better than nothing at all.

The next day he called me up triumphant. He said, “Those lousy bastards in the Budget told me it was too late to put anything into the budget and just for that I went to the boss and asked him to write a memorandum saying that we were to have 15 million dollars for construction of research facilities for the National Institutes of Health across the boards, and I have delivered it to them.

This did it. Within an hour Sheely was calling me up asking how I would like the money distributed among the Institutes. The Surgeon General had heard at once that this was to be, and he knew it could only have come from one area, from a group of people interested.

The Truman-'54 budget was locked up with an additional 25 million over and above what had been voted by Congress for fiscal 153. It had been a tough struggle and God knows what the new administration would do with it.

These are the construction allowances: For '53 they were 4 million for Cancer Institute; Heart Institute, 4 million; National Institute for Mental Health, 2 1/2 million; National Institute for Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases, 2 million; National Institute for Neurological Diseases and Blindness, 2 million; and National Institute for Dental Research, 500 thousand.

Well, next came the Eisenhower budget.

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