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a woman in the Cabinet.

Florence had met her several times and I knew her slightly and had gone to a Russian New Year's party with her at the Sleighs, about a year before; I had not seen her since. Florence asked her to dine with us and she came very prettily dressed, amiable, non-commital, sympathetic, but cautious. We did not talk about anything specific but felt friendly toward her and realized it would be a long pull to get her to take any important forward steps in the health field, as she would have to get the support of the American Medical Association, to get the Federal Security Agency made into a department of the government with Cabinet status. She wanted to be a member of the Cabinet and that bill was going to have to be passed, and she was going to have the help of the AMA, or at least not their opposition.


Was she cognizant of your efforts in this whole area?


No. She just knew that we were generally interested. She had no idea whatever, as has nobody else, except you, any idea to what lengths we went about this. She gradually found out that we were very determined, but it didn't move her and it wasn't interesting to her really,


Give me a picture of her?

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