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was only enlightened self-interest from every point of view. But even that didn't do much good.

Quinn, Jessie and I went to visit some other Congressmen while we were waiting for Fogarty to come out of the markup session. Among the people that we went to see were Gordon Canfield of New Jersey and Dodd of Connecticut.


How did Gordon Canfield react?


Oh, he was friendly.

Finally, we went to sit in Fogarty's office and hear the news. When he came in the room, we knew that he had had a terrible fight and that he was exhausted. I have never seen him look so pale, and he said nothing about what had happened for at least 10 minutes.

Finally, we had made out that he had gotten the House subcommittee to increase the Eisenhower budget for the five Institutes of Health that we were interested in from the Eisenhower budget of 44 million 187 thousand to 49 million 782 thousand dollars, an increase of over 5 and one half million dollars. This was a major triumph in those days. Of course, I had hoped for more, but from the way Fogarty looked I could tell we'd gotten the maximum.

We left Fogarty's office and went to the Army & Navy Club and had a cocktail with Quinn and Fogarty. Jessie was

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