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Yes, it had passed the House.

Thye said he was sympathetic to an increase in the House figures. We left him with some information and departed after a very friendly visit. Later we had an appointment with Senator Bridges in the full appropriations committee rooms of the Senate downstairs. There were the usual crowds of Army and Navy people in the anteroom, but we were pushed through and Bridges took us into the committee room and gave us his attention. We talked with him about the necessity of funds for construction of more medical research facilities, as many institutions would like to do more research but actually do not have the space in which to put their workers. Bridges said that he was in sympathy with more construction funds and that he would help us with the committee. This gave me a great sense of elation, because Bridges could do anything he wanted usually, when he was the Chairman of the full Appropriations Committee. This was tantamount to getting anything done, and after all, these were small amounts of money, we thought, for him.


And it was Mrs. Rosenberg who was with you when you talked with him.


So I say here, but I can't recall that she was actually with me. I think I might have been alone with him because I

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