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had given him some support for his campaign, as I realized that he wasn't to be defeated in New Hampshire anyway and this was a way to at least have an access to him, frankly. I'm not sure whether she was with me or not.

I mentioned that I knew his campaign was about to start and although I was a Democrat I'd be happy to help him because I felt friendly toward him and grateful for his support of the National Heart Institute bill in '48.

Next, we went to see Senator Milton Young of North Dakota. He said that he'd just been marking up the Department of Agriculture's research a appropriation. We asked him, “How much did you give for research in animals and plants?” He replied, “About 60 million.” We said, “We want 126 million for human beings,” and he said, “Well, I couldn't quite go that far but I would go for about 100 million.” This is the relationship of human being to plants and animals in his mind.

This, however, elated us very much, and we later found that this did not mean any very dynamic interest from Young, however. He was in principle extremely friendly to us and to the general idea that more money should be given, but he didn't take any very energetic action in the committee.

The hearings were as yet undecided on, but our call was purely to find out what his general sentiments were. After that we visited Senator Chavez, who was friendly and agreeable, but somewhat vague as usual about just what the figures would be, or should be.

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