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Oh, it was unnecessary, you know, not needed. Oh, he just didn't know; he was just opposed. There are never any real reasons; they just have a feeling that it's too extravagant or unnecessary, you know.

Florence and I were in the Senate Gallery on the morning of July 7th to hear the debate on the bill. Senator Thye had already presented the bill when we arrived. We were startled to find that he had already said the committee had decided not to include any money for the construction of research facilities but would have the need investigated and would pass on the matter in the coming session. This horrified us.

The debate centered on the additional funds for the Hill-Burton bill on which Hill did a superb job and, naturally, got the money, and more funds for the Tuberculosis Division of the Public Health Service, which Langer and Lehman supported and won on, and additional funds for rehabilitation, proposed by Senator Potter, a crippled veteran from Michigan.

At least eight Senators came to the balcony to greet us and many more recognized us from the floor. Many got the impression that we were there to support the other amendments, which were passed by a margin of one or two votes, and congratulated us on these, but these other matters weren't our concern at all, actually.

Dirksen arrived on the floor and made some completely ignorant and uninformed remarks about cancer research. Magnusson replied to him. (See the attached transcript of remarks.)

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