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voted 60 million, or about 6 million 250 thousand over what the subcommittee had voted for the five Institutes.


Well, this was quite an achievement.


This was quite an achievement.

Chavez made the proposal, but evidently had not fought for it very hard. Hill was fighting for his own Hill-Burton funds with Russell to help him. Russell gave us no help on the Institutes' appropriations, according to the Senators we talle d to later. Bridges did help, of course, and the result was that the full Senate committee voted more than 10 million over what the House of Representatives had voted. It wasn't very good when compared with our goal but it was more than had been voted for these Institutes before, and we had done the best we could.

The next worry was: Would this 10-million increase in the Senate be attacked by Dirksen or anyone on the Senate floor? One never knows what crazy, unexpected things develop, but as the vote was unanimous on the full committee, we felt fairly safe but were on the alert.


In summary, Mrs. Lasker, what was the feeling as expressed in opposition to any increase, the feeling of some of these Senators like Saltonstall?

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