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Yes, because that's the final word. But he should have been a member of the conference committee.


Yes, but he didn't always go to all the conferences. As a chairman, he was a member of any conference committee, as he was chairman of the full committee, but he couldn't go to them all because there was so much going on.

I begged himto be present. I knew that he would be the only one whose strength would keep the extra 10 million for us, because Cannon would be against the extra money and Fogarty wasn't there. The House, with Busby, Cannon and Taber, all sharpening their knives for economy would really give us trouble.

Here's a transcript that's really funny. Will you give it back to me?


Yes, along with the others.


The small economies that would really not count in money but could save lives were the ones they understood about saving on, the House people, that is.

Bridges promised then to be present and he phoned to Downey to see that the conference was set at a convenient time.


Was this the Senator?

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