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No, one of the clerks.

I returned to my farm and was anxiously waiting for time to pass when, on the morning of the day of the conference, an hour before it was to start, someone phoned me from Washington and said that Senator Bridges had been knocked over by an automobile but was not seriously hurt. This was a shock and at first it was reported that the conference was going to continue anyway, but I believe that Bridges sent word that he wished to have it delayed until he could be present, which was very honorable of him, as he had promised us. He was mildly hurt and shaken up and returned to his office, however, and by the end of the week the conference finally took place.

In the meantime, I phone Mike Cowles to urge Jensen of Iowa to agree to the Senate figures. I phoned Goldblatt in Chicago to urge him to get in touch with Busby to agree to the Senate figures. I also asked Dean Cartershaw to get in touch with Busby. I also contacted the heads of all the voluntary agencies which were involved, such as the Cancer Society, United Cerebral Palsy, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and various others, including Floyd Odlum and the Arthritis Foundation.

Fogarty's illness was still a great problem, and at the last moment it was agreed that Rooney of New York would replace him in the conference as one of the two Democratic representatives from the House. This was a piece of good fortune, as

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