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after this defeat, which I will describe, they always put in the budget whatever the Congress voted because they considered it a futility to be defeated constantly in the House and Senate.


But I would think that the Institutes, seeing their overall program in jeopardy, would have spoken up.


Actually, they were very, very pusillanimous, shall I say.

I was very depressed by this situation in the budget. I knew there was no use of making any direct approach to Mrs. Hobby or Nelson Rockefeller, as they were taking the Eisenhower line that economy must be made everywhere and they had no special interest or passion about what could be done to save lives.

The November elections, however, changed the mood; both in Wisconsin and in New Jersey Democrats were unexpectedly elected for Republicans had been considered sure winners. Just after election, Dr. Russell Lee of Palo Alto came to Washington and Oveta Hobby asked him for an appointment to get his views. It seemed she really wanted his opinions as she was worried. He told her it was no good to cut appropriations and to have no health program, as this would not be attractive to the voters. Howard Rusk saw Oveta Hobby, too, and

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