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Notwithstanding this, from all sources I learned that the cuts for the Institutes would be between 13 and 14 million, approximately the amount we had just gotten them to add so painfully to the '54 budget. So the fight must begin all over.

I lunched with Jim Adams and Medford Runyan who were discussing the possibility of appealing to Milton Eisenhower to support additional for the Cancer Institute. I told them it would do no good unless they also saw Dr. Snyder, Eisenhower's own physician, and Eisenhower himself.

Anna was planning to see Eisenhower. Unless he reversed the budget, we would have been lucky to get back the House and Senate money that had been hacked off in the budget.

You see, this thing was just on a small scale and each move was so painfully made.


And actually, I gather, you weren't getting any true support from the Institutes themselves.


None, oh, no. You see, they were afraid to say that they needed more money because they were administrators who were supposed to take whatever the budget line was. Well, the budget line was whatever the administration told them, and usually turned out, later on, to be exactly what the Congress had voted the year before.

Now, we finally defeated the Eisenhower Administration, and

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