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ill, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers, and nursing homes.


Who was responsible, do you know, for that?


I think this was Nelson and Oveta Hobby. Actually, even Leonard Sheely, the Surgeon General, admitted that the Administration wanted to make a big front about health but without spending any money to do anything comprehensive. This was the net of their philosophy.

I went to Washington about February 14th to visit Florence and to make some preliminary skirmishes on what might be hoped for in the way of appropriations for the Institutes for fiscal '55.

Florence and I started to discuss our situation to our memberships on the Health Councils. My term was up on the Advisory Council of the National Heart Institute and hers was up on the National Mental Health Institute. We had various discussions about the possibilities of being reappointed on other Institutes' Councils, as it gave us a position from which we could observe what was happening and get information a little bit more easily.


Who made these appointments?


They were to be made by the Surgeon General with the consent of the Secretary.

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