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And what was the length of the appointment?


Four years.


And you could be reappointed.


You could be appointed to another Institute, not to the same one.

Of course, Mrs. Hobby and Nelson Rockefeller would have hated to reappoint us, unless there were great urgings on the part of Republican Senators, as they suspected only too much, that the agitation for additional funds was coming basically from our efforts. And instead of welcoming additional funds given them by Congress, they seemed to feel a loss of face when they got them. However, as membership on the Councils of the Institutes gave us additional information and a feel of what was going on in the research field and within the Public Health Service, Florence and I thought we ought to attempt to get our friends to ask for her appointment to the National Heart Institute and my appointment to the Cancer Institute Council. She asked Senators Robertson and Thye to propose her name to Mrs. Hobby, and Anna Rosenberg asked Senator Ives to do the same for me.

As of the first week of April I was sent a message that Mrs. Hobby had agreed to my appointment to the Cancer Institute,

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