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and that 'll be verified in the next two years on a large scale. And if we have a big break in cancer and a big break in arteriosclerosis in the next five years, I must say it will be enormously gratifying, because these are the big causes of death, and that would mean a prolongation of the prime of life, really.

Senator Hill in the spring of '56 held hearings on the need for construction of research facilities and the following people testified: Hudson Hoagland, Gardiner Murphy, Jim Adams, Sidney Farber, Dr. C.P. Rhoads, Dr. Trager, Dr. Arleigh Clark, Dr. Louis Katz, and representatives of the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association.

After I returned from our ranch in Arizona, we went to see Senator Hill who was fairly well impressed with the hearings for the various research institutes, but he did not have any particular ideas on how to sell the rest of the Appropriations Committee on increasing appropriations. Florence and I then reminded him and said, “Why don't you ask the Senators why they take the advice of the Budget and Mrs. Hobby, who have not held any hearings, when the Councils of the Institutes of Health composed of 80 laymen and leading doctors have advised specific amounts for these Institutes? Why not take the advice of disinterested people who come to pass on grants three times a year?”

The Advisory Councils' recommendations were the following: The total budget was for 97 million dollars, and the construction recommendation was for 42 million, or a total of 139 million for

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