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both the research institutes and construction.

This idea impressed Hill and he said, “Give me the names of the Council members.” He did a marvelous job in the subcommittee and actually got them to raise the funds voted by the House for the five Institutes, as I've said before, by 23 million. This was by all odds, as I've said, the greatest increase the Senate ever voted.

However, the great problem was what could they do in conference with the House, as Fogarty was mulishly opposed at that time to increases, and Taber and Cannon too old to understand the needs in this area. We were in a terrible quandry.


They were the three leaders...


On the House side and without the House you were not in business, as you know only too well. You can have all the friends you want in one side but if you haven't got them on both sides, you are sunk.

The full committee agreed with the subcommittee on appropriations in the Senate and the bill went to the floor about the middle of June. At this time, Florence and I gave a dinner for the Vice President and Mrs. Barkley, on the 21st of June, and Sam Rayburn was there. We consulted him about what we could do with Fogarty to urge Fogarty to agree with the Senate. Rayburn

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