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after the first of the year in Washington, which I said I would gladly do. Folsom told the press at this time that he would reappoint Leonard Sheeley for another four years, which took away all uncertainty which Leonard had felt in the last few months about his reappointment. His reappointment was a good things, as he was capable of splendid and fast action, if he had the cooperation and sympathy from the head of the Department, and any clear legislative direction and enthusiasm from the heads of committees in Congress. He was not a natural crusader but an organizer and master of detail of organization. He's able to get along with a wife variety of characters and certainly this is a necessary quality in the post of Surgeon General of the United States.

Consequently, as of the 1st of January, ‘56, the picture for medical research was brighter than it had ever been in the history of the world because there was this interest on the part of Republicans at last.


Did you have any conferences with Mrs. Smith over her bill?


I had no direct contact with her.


Did Mrs. Mahoney?


No. Everything was done through Bloomgarten, because she knew that we were ardent Democrats and he gave her the proposal as if it were written by him and she accepted it.

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