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any form of health insurance suggested by the government, even though Truman asked them to provide their own plans, which of course the AMA would not do.


That was related to socialism.


Yes, but they wouldn't provide any voluntary plans, any plans of any kind. They've now come to suggesting some very poor plans, as you know, as of ‘62.

Well, in the fight for the appropriations in fiscal ‘57--this was in the spring of ‘56--in May Lister Hill held hearings and Margaret Chase Smith and Thye and sometimes Senator Dworshak were present. Hill was primed with questions from Mike and me for the witnesses and anxious to make the hearings as clear as possible. He was by all odds the best chairman of the subcommittee on appropriations as we've ever had; his energy and sympathy for the field have undoubtedly changed the course of appropriations for medical research and medical legislation. The Hill-Burton construction bill, which he got passed nearly 10 years ago, had already as of then provided over a hundred thousand additional hospital beds in the United States.

The fiscal ‘57 Bureau of the Budget allowances for the seven Institutes was 126 million, but for the five Institutes I was particularly interested in, it was only 101 million. The Advisory Councils for these five Institutes 137 million.

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