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before the Senate and House committees. We did get them to ask for additional funds over what the Councils had asked for.


But heretofore they had never been willing to ask for anything out of line, had they?


No, no, the citizen witnesses had, but as the Councils now were beginning to make recommendations, the citizen witnesses had tended for a year to go along with the Council recommendations more or less, but we realized that the Councils' recommendations were too small really; they hadn't really seen ahead sufficiently.

I persuaded Sidney Farber to ask for more, for five million more based on a letter I got from Pincus, who said that five million could be used in the steroid hormone field alone under the chemotherapy program of the Cancer Institute. I persuaded Irving Wright that a special fund for the evaluation of therapies in arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure should be added to the 28 million which the Advisory Heart Council had recommended initially. Mike Gorman urged an additional four million for training of additional personnel in the mental health field and another million to evaluate new drugs in the treatment of mental illness. Mike's testimony was excellent. Dr. Nathan Klein of Rockland State Hospital as well as John Goffman of the University of California at Berkeley testified. Goffman's testimony was based on the fact that he had shown

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