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Ravdin, who had operated on General Eisenhower, asked me to a National Advisory Cancer Council meeting to help them in its passage. Cartershaw, the Dean of the University of Chicago's Medical School and the then assistant to Secretary Folsom phoned me and asked if we do a brochure similar to our brochure “Does Medical Research Repay the American People?” on the medical school problem as he thought our other brochure was very effective. I said to him that I didn't think many people read it, and he replied, “In the circles I go in, they have.”

I did not do this. It would have taken an immense amount of work and effort and it was just more--the session was over and in '57 we were busy, and I never really made a huge effort on the medical school construction bill, although people like Mike Gorman would work on it a little. We never put everything into it. To put everything into it, meant that Florence and I had to really concentrate on it.


And it was just a matter of not being able to.


Well, we just didn't have that much additional energy to do it; we just couldn't do it all. And we felt it was really the business of the universities to do it, and when it's everybody's business, it's nobody's business.


Has your Foundation been in the picture recently in that area?

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