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Our Foundation is never in the picture. The money that is spent from the Foundation is only on factual information. I act as an individual.


I misunderstood, when he said he asked you...


No, no, he meant us to help with the legislation and to provide them with a selling aide, such as “Does Medical Research Pay Off for the American People?” Well, this was a very effective tool that we had created, and I didn't know how to do this as effectively for the construction of medical school facilities. It wasn't a subject that to me was as crucial. I thought it was very important, but they need a agreat deal of money and it's a big story, and it was just more than I had the energy to get into, in addition to what else I was doing.

Well, 1956 had been the best year ever in the history of mankind for medical research funds and for the construction of research facilities, and thanks for this are due to largely fine? the efforts of Senator Hill and to the final record which John Fogarty made in the House.

Now, we came to the spring of 1957 and found that after the 87 million increase which had been voted the year before, we were going to have hard going to get big increases for fiscal '58. The citizens' budget totalled 221 million dollars, and I can give you the breakdown of that, but in the

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