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suppose businesses can give some small amounts of money legally but as an individual you have to give non-tax-deductible money out of your capital just straight to the candidates or to their committees, and I did, because I wanted liberal Democrats in the Congress and this is how people who feel this way can hope to get them.

The need for new treatments and new ways to save lives from cancer and arteriosclerosis sounds to me self-evident, but not to many Senators and Congressmen when I first encountered them. Unfortunately, some key members, Cannon, Taber, Busby, Hedrick, Cedarburg and Laird, at this time, in ‘59, were still hostile, to say nothing of indifferent, to bigger programs. What difference and how much faster the prime of life could have been prolonged if these men had understood and not opposed bigger programs all along!

Lyndon made a fine speech on the floor a few weeks later and Hill was superb as ever. The conference dragged out because of Laird and Taber and Cannon on the House side. Anyone of them could have voted with Fogarty and we could have gotten all the money asked for. We finally ended up with 400 million dollars, an increase of 106 million over the year before.

Senator Saltonstall, thinking to stop this increase in the full Appropriations Committee every year, said in the meeting that he felt a committee should be appointed to study the real research needs. Senator Hill, quick as ever, said,

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