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“Fine, I'll be happy to appoint one.” This was not what Senator Saltonstall had exactly intended. As Hill was chairman of the subcommittee and nobody was going to tell Hill that he shouldn't appoint one, this was it. Well, it very quickly got down to who should be on the committee. Mike Gorman and I suggested Dr. Farber, Dr. Dibecki, Mrs. Burnam, of Connecticut. And Senator Hill wanted Dr. Cornelius Trager and Trager suggested General David Sarnoff. The committee was called the Committee of Consultants on Medical Research and its membership was as follows. I think I had better give you this to copy.

The Committee did a superb job. They heard at least a hundred witnesses. They came out with a very, very enlightened and liberal set of suggestions, the summary of which ought to be included in this story.


How long a period did they take?


It was appointed in the spring or summer and they reported perhaps in January of the following year, or possibly as early as December.

It was chaired by Beau Jones, who did a splendid job, and it was by all odds the best summary recommendations for medical research that had ever been presented on the national picture.

Now, part of the things that were repaying us for our

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