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effort being made. And this was true when we were asking for 50 million dollars, just as we are now asking for over a billion dollars. At least I've decided the best thing I can do is to try to influence the decision-makers and not talk too much to people who don't make the decisions. I've noticed that come the money for medical research and training come the men, and while many doctors decry it in medical schools, they at the same time are taking it with the other hand and are doing work or are encouraging their students to do work that they wouldn't have ever dreamed of when there was no money. So, I just believe in going ahead without consulting them.


The results seem to bear out this idea.


Well, the AMA has never been consulted and it's taken them up until now to find that they object to it, but now they're trying to object in a very devious way, through the investigations of Mr. Harris, which I hope will prove to be soon forgotten but maybe not. It may be very dangerous. We may be in a very dangerous era for medical research.

Well, let's go back to the spring of 1960. As a result of the committee's work and especially as a result of the brilliant testimony by Drs. de Becky and Farber and the testimony of Bo Jones and General Sarnoff the Senate Committee was deeply interested in their recommendations, and I think the summary of the recommendations are to be put in here.

As a result of these hearings, the Senate voted in the spring of 1960, for fixcal ‘61, 664 million dollars. The House

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