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had voted 455 million. The House-Senate conference came out with the final figure of 560 million. I cannot tell you how many trips to Washington and how many conferences and how many maneuvers we went through to get to this point, but this was the net of it.


And the net of it proved to be very good and yet it came about as a result of Senator Saltonstall's attempt to block it.




The Bo Jones committee was a kind of happenstance, wasn't it?


Yes, it was a happenstance as a result of Saltonstall's effort to put a damper on the additional funds for medical research, the idea that Senator Hill was the main protagonist of in the Senate.

Now, President Eisenhower was shocked by this terrific increase in money for medical research and training--there is always training money in these figures--and he sent various messages to the effect that he might veto this figure. This distressed me greatly. I urged Jules Stein and Dr. Farber to make an appointment to see Eisenhower, as Jules Stein was the leading Republican. He got Freeman Gosden, who was of the Amos and Andy team, to make the appointment with Eisenhower, as Gosden was an intimate friend of the President's.

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