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inventing the idea of categorical research centers himself, objected and dragged his administrative feet on the idea of research centers and finally he wanted them called program project grants, which would mean nothing to anybody.

However, larger lump sums for intensive research in categorical areas did get given as a result of this additional money that was voted, because of the testimony of the citizens.


Why would Congressman Laird take this position?


Well, Laird took the position, I think, because I suspect that Dr. Endicott of the National Institutes of Health had been around to see him and begged him to not go along with the Senate report because, of course, the directors don't want to have to do anything specific with the money; they want to manage the money in any way that it happens to suit them. And if you have specific earmarked money within the Institutes to establish research centers with or to establish endocrine centers with or to do work in the field of clinical trials in arteriosclerosis or any number of things that needed doing, that were testified to, this annoyed the Institute directors, although they didn't have ideas themselves that were good. They just didn't want to have to be bound by any suggestions.


I should think, however, that it would add to their administrative burden, the necessity for allocating these funds and making decisions: if it had been determined beforehand, it would have been easier.

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