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suggested that Maxwell Taylor, Robert Dowling, Roger Stevens might undertake such a project. He said, “Oh, Maxwell Taylor wouldn't like this; I've just given him so much already.” But I said, “You wouldn't want to be connected with any failure and neither do I, and I think there should be a review before you go ahead.” At this time, the national cultural center was supposed to raise 70 million dollars and I could tell that there was not any possibility of it.

We then talked of other things and as I got up to leave I said I hoped he would see Senator Hill, and he said, “Oh, yes, I will” (as Senator Hill had not had a private appointment with him the whole four or six months he was in office and we were very anxious for him to be in touch with Hill and not think of vetoing the additional money that the conferees had voted).


Did he indicate at that time the possibility of it?


Well, there was this great business of the discontent with the fact that they had increased the budget a little, the Kennedy Administration, and then when the Senate and the House came out with another substantial increase, there were indications that he had been annoyed by this.

So, I urged him to see Senator Hill, and I said, “May I tell him to call you?” and he said, “Oh, no, I'll call me him,” as he put me in the elevator.

That was the last that Hill or I ever heard of it. For

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