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dollars. The total requests by the citizens committee for all Institutes was one billion 125 million, the first time we had asked for over a billion dollars for training and research in the history of our efforts.

In April, however, Hill was worried about Senator Proxmire of Wisconsin. Proxmire had repeatedly in other years offered amendments to out research budgets of the NIH. Hill repeatedly won by large margins, but this year, because of the activities of the Fountain Committee in the House, Hill was worried.

Congressman Fountain, the Chairman of this Committee, is from North Carolina. The Committee has an unusually zealous clerk named Delphos Goldberg who worked for Dewey in New York State as an investigator. He found various things to criticize about the administration of Public Health Service grants and I've long wondered whether or not he may not be energized by the AMA or the pharmaceutical manufacturers associations, as well.


What about Proxmire?


How is he energized? We don't know.

The Committee has gotten a good deal of publicity about some small grants which were foolishly allocated by one of the Institutes and this was causing a great deal of damage as it cast doubt on the activities of the Institutes. It is the small things that people can understand and not the fact that the program as a whole is making the United States pre-eminent in the world in medical research and medicine. The discoveries

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