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who the new council members will be for the coming year, but we certainly have no influence on the Cancer Council at present.”


How many are there as a total on that Council?


Twelve, with some ex officio members.


And how often do you meet.


Three times a year. We pass on all the outside grants. We have no jurisdiction over what they do intramurally, but we pass on all the grants to the medical schools and the research institutions of the nation. One of the members, Dr. Kaplan of Stanford, is extremely extremely to any new or generous ideas and is very frustrating to Farber and me.

In April of '62 Senator Hill held hearings after Fogarty's hearings for the National Institutes of Health. Fogarty's hearings seemed to go moderately well. They had no trouble in the subcommittee, in the full committee or on the floor of any consequence, and he came out with 840 million dollars as compared with the Bureau of the Budget's estimates of 780 million for the Institutes. In other words, it was an increase of 60 million dollars.

Appropriations for the previous year, fiscal '62, had totalled 737 million, but under a revised operating plan the Institutes were operating on a basis of only 676 million. So, the amount voted by the House was a gain of over 125 million

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