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About April 18, 1962 I went to see David Bell, the Director of the Budget. I wanted to see O'Keefe paintings that I had loaned him in his office. They looked very nice. I think he really enjoys them. We talked a little about medical research, but he's not especially interested in the subject, although he's open to progressive ideas in any area and not against spending money in this particular field. He's a great friend of David LLoyd's and is a protagonist of the importance of economic growth through spending.

The next day I went to see Stuart Udall, now the Secretary of the Interior. Udall and Lee Metcalfe were great losses to the House when Metcalfe became a Senator and Udall the Secretary of the Interior. They were really the leaders of the Democratic Study Group and the liberal leaders in the House who schemed to get liberal legislation passed. With their departure from the House the hope of getting an aid-to-education bill through flickered. Now Udall was in the huge office where Paul Hoffman, Senator Mike Monroney and David Lloyd and I had gone to see Secretary Seaton over a year ago.

Udall said to me, “What can you do about getting me help from any private organization for the mandated islands of the Department in planned parenthood?” This took me by surprise and I said, “Well, there's quite a lot you can do.” And he said, “Well, I don't think we can do it on a Federal basis before the next election, but perhaps if we could get help now through some voluntary groups, maybe we could do it on a Federal basis after '64.” This was a new era as far as I was concerned, because

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