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never before had I heard Federal officials talk about doing anything about birth control. I tried to help him to get some aid but I don't know what is happening about those mandated islands in the Pacific. However, the Federal Government has made an entirely new statement about the use of the Federal funds--this month, April '63--saying they would aid other nations in getting information about how to control their population. So, I don't know why they shouldn't aid our own mandated islands.


I wonder if this climate isn't changing as a result of a changed attitude that seems to be underway in Rome.


I don't know. I don't think the attitude has changed so much in Rome. I think the leading businessmen and the economists have finally seen the futility of giving aid to foreign countries when their birth rate would increase so fast that you would never get the average per capita income up unless there were some way to control populations.


Have you seen this new book--I think it's just come out--of Dr. Rock?


I must buy it. I've seen only discussions about it in the papers; I don't own it.

Now, in '62, after great storm and stress, the Senate voted 900 million dollars and the conference came out with 880 million dollars in late August or early September. Actually, it

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