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get information on the subject.

Shortly before '37 there had been a ruling that it was legal to give information. There had been some ruling that prevented the legal dissemination of information, but there was a Supreme Court ruling, an interpretation of the law, which relieved all states, as I recall it, except for local laws in Connecticut and Massachusetts, which to this day preclude legal dissemination of birth control information, to this day in 1963!


In the '30s what other opposition was there to birth control other than the Church?


Well, there was the opposition of ignorant people generally. The radio networks and the press didn't want to carry the word if they could help it, and it was extremely difficult to get any general discussion on the subject, as it was embarrassing to most men.


It was prudery, then.


Prudery, part prudery and lack of recognition of it as an economic problem. The success of it as of this year, which I think it has come into more acceptance in the history of mankind, as of this year, in 1963, has come about largely through men who said that they were motivated by the fact that developing nations couldn't develop if their population got ahead of their ability to produce goods and food. They publicized this fact, so

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