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be done in research, in the field of cancer, and finally resigned from the Board of the Federation, although I'm still honorary vice president. I think I still am now, as of 1963, but I'm not sure. I certainly haven't been active in the organization for 20 years, but we did give awards in the planned parenthood field through the Lasker Foundation.


Since that time have you been interested in any other publication of a similar nature?


Well, there hasn't been any other publication that I know of. May be there is one now in connection with the pills, but there has been nothing similar to what was this classical book on the subject.

We started to give Lasker Awards through the Planned Parenthood Federation in 1945, first in honor of Margaret Singer and Hannah and Stone, whom I consider were the leaders of the movement. Of course, Margaret Sanger has much more signifance than Dr. Hannah Stone, but Dr. Hannah Stone was a woman who ran the Sanger Clinic and was very helpful to Margaret Sanger. Numerous people, including Dr. Underwood, the health officer of Mississippi, who later made a major contribution as head of the state's Public Health Service in advocating the use of birth control information, have received this award. And more recently, Julian Huxley has received the award, and John D. Rockefeller, 3rd for his contributions through the Population Council have received the award.

In 1952 a great event took place. Nehru, as the head

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