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Well, there were local clinics in many communities throughout the country but they might meet for only an hour a week or an hour in two weeks. The largest clinic was and probably still is the Margaret Sanger Clinic here in New York. The people most interested were people of the local communities who were certainly mostly non-Catholics, although Catholics would come to the clinics, those who were desperate.

I finally became very discouraged about making a major contribution in this field because of the frustration due to the ineptitude of the people that one had to work with, and also with the inability to brak through the hypocrisy and ignorance of the press I felt that I was batting my head against a stone wall. However, as I remember, I gave a birthday present from Albert in 1941 of $25,000 to the Federation to distribute theTechniques of Conception Control by Dr. Robert Dickinson to all medical schools and to the leading gynecologists and obstetricians in the country. Large numbers of doctors really didn't know what to advise women to do, even though they might be in sympathy with helping them. This book, I hope, had a real usefulness, and I pray was the means of bringing security and relief to thousands of women who were left in ignorance because of their doctors' ignorance. Of course, it's very hard to evaluate just what such a manual does, but it was the only thing of its kind and I feel sure it had some real influence.

In '43 I became interested in the subject of what could

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