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the products will come down in price. The price of pills is already coming down. The heads of Saarle & Co. have been here to see me recently and said that they can produce the pills in great quantities if they deal with the heads of national governments and provide them at very, very minimum cost: probably less than $2 per person per year.


Which would make them generally available.


Yes, certainly.

In '52 I took Margaret Sanger to Dorothy Norman's house for a reception in honor of Madame Pandit, Nehru's sister. Madame Pandit was enthusiastic about the forthcoming Population Conference and we felt her support would be useful. Lady Rama Rau has been really the great leader in India.


Is she the wife of the Ambassador?


Yes, she's the wife of the Ambassador, Sir Benegal Rau, and has come to the United States for a speaking tour, also about the importance of planned parenthood. She has also received our award from the Planned Parenthood Federation a few years ago.

To show you how difficult it was to get anything said about planned parenthood, she made an appearance with Mrs. Roosevelt on “Author Meets the Critic,” on one of her visits, and not one word about planned parenthood was mentioned, although

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