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the Planned Parenthood Federation was entertaining in honor of the television guests immediately afterwards. Somehow or another they were asked not to mention it, and the subject was overlooked.


But now we can have a television program such as the one that was repeated last night.


The one which won the Lasker Award for medical journalism, “Birth Control in New York.”

Margaret Sanger was very important in her advocacy of planned parenthood and went several times to Japan in the '50s and had a real influence on the Japanese Government's attitude on the advocacy of birth control methods, although what she advocated and what they did are not the same.


But there, there was a receptiveness, wasn't there?


Yes, and there was no opposition from any church.

Just before Christmas, for instance, in 1953, I asked Lady Rama Rau and Mrs. Sanger for luncheon and gave them Christmas checks of $1,000 for their work. Margaret was going to use it to help a conference in Japan. Lady Rama Rau's Family Planning Association in Bombay had a budget at this time of only $6,000 a year; although she pointed out that one could

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