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buy four times as much for it in India, this was pitifully little to do any job. However, she has such vision and energy and influence with Nehru and others in the government that she's inspiring. She also said at this time that the health officer, Dr. , although Catholic, has now become reconciled to the better methods than rhythm, which was a relief to hear, but India has never been noted for its outstanding support on a practical level of birth control methods, except in Madras where they're doing operations on men to make them permanently sterile. They give a cash sum to encourage men who have had more than an x-number of children to have this operation done, and so far as I know they've only done about 20 or 30 or 40 thousand operations. This isn't going to make a great dent in the population of India. But with the success of the birth control program, we have hopes now that the Indian Government will gradually make a bigger-scale effort with the pills. There is a group in Ceylon at present that is trying as Anovid, but it's a small group. I can't say, of this year, 1963, that any mass efforts have gotten underway in India or in the Far East, but I think we may be on the verge of something.


Speaking of this pill, has the Public Health Service and the NIH been interested in the research involved in this, or has it been largely private?


It's been largely private. The research was done largely by Dr. Gregory Pincus and his group at the

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