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take place. However, when I got there, with several friends, I found that Mrs. Roosevelt had gone to the Congress with President Roosevelt, when he addressed the Congress and war was declared on Japan. And the birth control luncheon in the small dining room of the White House was one of the least attractive meetings that I've ever been at.


Quite overshadowed.


It was completely overshadowed by the events of the day, and the Public Health Service, without the presence of Mrs. Roosevelt, escaped having to do anything about the problem at all.


This then is the second conference that you have seen dashed to the ground because of some...


Because of some dramatic happening in the nation's history.

At this same time, I was interested in arranging an annual dinner for the Planned Parenthood Federation. I was the chairman of the committee for the program. We decided to give citations to people who had made contributions to the thinking in the field of planned parenthood, and the people who received them were: Pearl Buck,

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