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and Julian Huxley, who spoke over a loudspeaker to us at the Waldorf because he was snowbound in Cleveland. Among the guests that Albert and I had were the John Goldens, the David Sarnoffs, Anna Rosenberg, Kay Swift and Gardner Cowles of Look magazine.

This night was historical from the point of view that the National Broadcasting Company for the first time broadcast for half an hour on the subject of Planned Parenthood, and it was with great trepidation on the part of Sarnoff and Niles of the National Broadcasting Company, and really only the enormous influence that Albert Lasker had on them made them do this.


They had trepidation because of fear of public reaction?


That there would be Catholic and public reprisals and complaints over the mention of the word of birth control on the air. It was just that there was such hostility on the part of Catholics.

I had always been interested in the problem, but as you know from what you've heard me say in the past, I found this area so frustrating that I decided I had to work in an area that must be easier, so I got started in the American Cancer Society and how to get it started to raise funds for research.

However, as time passed we continued to give awards in the area, and last year David Lloyd and Joe Jones,

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