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Well, they always said in the last couple of years that they wouldn't presume to give any information or offer any information to other countries, that they thought it was the business of each individual country. But now they've actually said that any country wishing information would be aided in getting it. And the President actually, who is a Catholic, as everyone knows, has said that he feels that more and more effort should be made in the field of fertility research, and his statement has generally been taken to mean that he is in favor of the dissemination of information in this area. In any case, it has taken the wraps off the American delegation at the U.N., and now Mr. Stevenson is going to make a speech before the Planned Parenthood Federation this fall, a thing that never would have happened before, and Mr. Paul Hoffman is going to talk with Searle & Co. and recommend them to the Ambassadors of various countries which are developing--a thing that he wouldn't have done a year ago.

This has been aided by the courage of the Columbia Broadcasting System and the skill of Fred Friendly and his group in making two films (which received Lasker Awards) on the subject of the population explosion and the other one was “Birth Control and the Law.”

This brings the birth control thing up to date in capsule-like form.

I think we should put on the record that Jane should find the section on the activities with the American Cancer Society, and I will make a note of it.

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