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to think it was a little peculiar that we were making any inquiries about what they were doing.

After this I went to Alfred Howell, Vice President of the Guaranty Trust Company, who was then interested in the American Heart Association, and the most active layman in the group. At this time, Artemus Gates, Mary Lord and Ogden White had been interested in trying vaguely to raise some money for the Heart Association and Howell had been gathering some funds, but they had less than $100,000 with which to launch a national campaign.


So, they were planning to augment their funds...


Yes, they were thinking about it, they were talking about it, but he had less than $100,000 to launch a campaign throughout the nation.


But then they'd have to go into the field of research with additional funds...


He didn't say anything about it. They weren't talking about research. They were just going to raise more money to talk about heart disease or to think about it. Of course, $100,000 was not enough to get any really big campaign going.

About this same time, Dr. Irving Wright came to see me with Dr. Maynard, and they explained to me that there was need for more research, for better anticoagulants in the treatment of coronary thrombosis and other types of thrombosis. I made a

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