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Secretary of the Institute and asked her what research projects they had on hand that she thought I might be interested in. She told me they were continuing to study the emotional problems in connection with breast cancer, and I made a small contribution from the Foundation to this project, which I hope will help to bring some light on this sad subject. Miss Ross's own sister had just died of breast cancer and I could see that she was deeply interested in it herself. I have long thought that there must be great emotional factors which lie behind the initial causes of some kinds of cancer at least, that when people are in great emotional distress their body resistance is lowered and maybe at this time whatever causes some kind of cancer is triggered, when people's level of resistance is low.

I'm hoping that some clue may be provided as to whether or not there is some particular type of distress or emotional pattern that leads to this type of cancer. So far, as I said, as of 10 years later the study isn't large enough to make any definite conclusions.


But this study goes on?


Not that I know of. I thing the study that I supported was completed but maybe some other people are studying the area. The project I was interested in was finished, and I have the paper on it.


It was inconclusive?

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